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I need this so bad. I’ve stopped fighting the longing and accepted that I’m a sissy and my only purpose in life is to serve and please real men any way they desire. Please use me! I love being a sissy. I’m addicted to cock and pleasing real men with my mouth and boi pussy. I want to be a fuck toy for men to use. I’m not a man anymore, I’m a sissy, cunt, cocksucker, fairy, whore, slut, cumdump. I take it as an honor to take a man’s cum or piss in me. Please don’t jerk off, use my mouth or use me as a gangbang fucktoy for your friends on a daily basis. I love to be on my knees or between a real man’s legs worshipping those balls and his cock. I love cum. I could swallow it all day long and love the feel when a man showers me with his cum or piss.

I honestly believe this is the reason I’m on earth.. To be a little sissy bitch… Grow boobs, let my boy clit shrink and service men. Every man who tells me to.